Acoustics Emission Acquisition & Analysis System


Acoustic Emissions Acquisition and Analysis system.
Acoustic Emissions Acquisition and Analysis System (Front)
Acoustic Emissions Acquisition and Analysis System (Back)

Digilogic Acoustic Emission Acquisition & Analysis System is developed with latest technology and having 32 Channel Simultaneous Acoustic Emission feature, wave form processing display and storage. The inbuilt user-friendly software has acquisition, analysis and graphing capabilities and enhanced features to ease data analysis. The system is also designed with ruggedized solution for temperature range of -20 to 55 degree celsius.


Our Indigenously developed system has potential applications in Defence & Civil Sectors such as:

  • Snow Avalanche monitoring/prediction
  • Land slide monitoring/prediction
  • Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) of various materials, structures, sub-systems etc.
  • Leakage and Internal breach detection in Fuel Tanks.
  • Testing of Non-Destructive materials.
  • Inspection of Defence and Aerospace vehicles.
  • Monitoring the metal walls of nuclear reactor pressure vessels.

Technical Specifications

Intel Xeon E5 or better
DDR4, 24 GB
500 GB SSD
2 x USB 3.0, 4 x USB 2.0, 2 x Gigabit Ethernet LAN and 1 x DisplayPort
No. of Input Channels
16 per module, can be extended upto 32 channels
ADC Type
16-bit resolution
Voltage Level
± 10V
Simultaneous Sampling Rate
3.5 MSPS
AE Parameter Extracted
Amplitude in dB, Rise time, Signal Strength, RMS value, Counts to Peaks, ASL etc.
Signal Configuration
Hit Definition Time, Peak Definition Time, Hit Lockout Time, Max Duration.
Software Settings
Threshold, Offset, Scale Factor, Graph Filtering, Sampling Rate, Record Length.
Software Filters
Band Pass Filter, Low Pass Filter, High Pass Filter.
Graphical View types
Real Time Raw Data, Amplitude vs Hit data, Parameter vs Parameter
File Saving Options
Raw data of each Channel is saved in Excel (.csv), Binary file formats.
Environment Specifications
MIL-STD EMI/EMC Qualified with JSS55555 Specifications.

User Friendly GUI

Acoustic Emission Acquisition and Analysis GUI1
Acoustic Emission Acquisition and Analysis GUI2