A Platform-Based Approach to Today’s Challenges

Graphical system design is a platform-based approach that simplifies development and gives engineers the ability to easily integrate changing technology and requirements into a reconfigurable system. Highly productive software, coupled with modular, reconfigurable hardware, simplifies the ever-increasing complexity of systems at multiple levels, including unprecedented visualization of system timing.

LabVIEW is a highly productive graphical development environment with the performance and flexibility of a programming language, as well as high-level functionality and configuration utilities designed specifically for measurement and automation applications. LabVIEW and the hardwares of National Instruments, help us in building scalable, modular and cost-effective solutions for Test & Automation.

We develop custom software to acquire and analyze your data to automate tests and measurements and control processes with detailed data logging and report generation for process control. Systems and Solutions provided by Digilogic Systems Pvt. Ltd. are designed and developed by Certified LabVIEW Architects and professionals so as to provide quality deliverables to our valued customers.