Defence & Aerospace

The Defence and Aerospace industry is one of the most vast and expansive industries in operation the world over. The electronics and technology used in this industry needs to be running at 100% efficiency level to make sure that the equipment doesn’t malfunction and get damaged or provide lower utility than it ideally should. This is where electronic test equipment comes to the fore. Test equipment and measurement solutions have assisted the technological growth of military and aerospace. India’s defence market is witnessing a rapid growth.

India is moving towards greater self-reliance in terms of developing defence hardware, taking more responsibility for meeting its specific defense needs. This is having a huge positive influence on India’s manufacturing sector.

Indian Aerospace and Defence market have been always a potential market for Test & Measurement industry. Now-a-days Defence communication network is under modernization, and this has created a wave of Test & Measurement demand. Aerospace & Defence test instrument are always a different class. They are tested to work in very high temperature, highly humid condition and many other special conditions. Aerospace equipment’s should be ruggedized and meet MIL standards. Instruments should be portable, and battery operated so that they can be taken into field if required.

Spectrum Analyzer, Signal Generator, Vector Network Analyzer, Power Meter, Oscilloscope are some most demanding test instruments from Aerospace and Defence industry.

Some of the areas such as below are main core expertise of DSPL:

  • Data Acquisition Systems
  • Automated Test Equipments
  • RADAR Test Systems
  • RF&IF Record & Playback Systems
  • Audio Record & Playback Systems
  • RCS Measurement Systems
  • TRM Test Systems
  • Target Echo Simulators
  • GPS Simulation
  • Radio Test Systems
  • MIMO Test Systems
  • Telemetry Data Acquisition Systems
  • Application Specific Software Tools
  • GPS Receiver Test Systems
  • Signal Conditioning Systems
  • Control & Simulation Systems
  • Avionics Test Systems
  • Frequency Response Analyzers
  • Static Test Beds