Electronic Warfare Systems

Electronic Warfare (EW) has become one of the most talked about topics in the Defence Industry. But now with the impending need to deal with peer and near-peer adversaries and to have the ability to enter anti-access/area denial (A2AD) environments EW has become a critical requirement and thus has become a primary and compulsory aspect of modern war.

The military operations are being increasingly carried out in an information environment complicated by the usage of electromagnetic (EM) spectrum. In this environment the electromagnetic spectrum is referred to as EME. War assets nowadays include more network centric operational functions which in turn demands increased processing capabilities. This factor has necessitated ever increasing use of electronic equipment in the execution of commands and communication to fulfill those capabilities.

Thus, the need for the military forces to have unimpeded access to and use of the electromagnetic environment leads into vulnerabilities and opportunities for EW in order to support operations of friendly forces in an EME and suppress the adversaries’ usage of EME. EW has become an element of information warfare within the information operations carried out in a battlefield. In other words, EW is an element of defensive and offensive counter information. EW includes radio or radar frequencies, infrared rays, ultraviolet rays and other less used portions of EM spectrum. The usage of EW includes detection, denial, deception, disruption, degradation and destruction of adversaries’ usage of EME and protection of friendly EME.


DSPL’s expertise in design and development of electronic warfare solutions include system concept development, modeling and simulation, system design, implementation and testing. Our expert team of engineers can help specify, develop, integrate, test and support leading edge Electronic Warfare solutions by implementing the necessary signal processing algorithms on FPGA or DSP platforms.

Our Core Capabilities include:

  • Spectrum Monitoring
  • FDM Demultiplexer
  • Blind Demodulator
  • IF Record & Replay System
  • TDOA Processor
  • Multi Emitter Scenario Generator
  • DSSS-CDMA Radio