ADS-B Receiver

ADS-B receiver from Digilogic Systems

ADS-B receiver is a JSS5555 approved ruggedized unit designed and developed by Digilogic Systems to meet the rugged environmental specifications. NI Hardware and Digilogic’s expertise in ruggedization and algorithm implementation have realized this rugged unit to be a unique product. ADS-B receiver kit contains an Antenna, RF Frontend and ADS-B receiver with the licensed application.

ADS-B receiver is a unit that receives a signal from ADS-B aircraft transponders and decodes them to determine aircraft information like, Call sign, ICAO address, Latitude, Longitude, Altitude, Aircraft type etc. The decoding algorithm is implemented as per Aviation standards for message format (ICAO Annexure 10, Vol. 4).

It is also equipped with a built-in GPS disciplined oscillator to make it easy to install and achieve synchronization. ADS-B receiver application streams the live track information through ethernet, this enables any user to decode and display data in their own format as needed.


  • Dual Redundant Receiver
  • Real-Time data from Nearby Flights
  • Built-in GPS connectivity
  • Remote configuration of Receiver 0/1 as Primary
  • Connect via LAN to get live track information
  • Stand-alone unit enables customer to install and get data through network
Frequency of Operation
1090 MHz
-88 dBm
Detection Range
Up to 250 Kms
Detection Messages
DF - 17 & 18
Message Throughput
300 tracks
Update Rate
1 second
Display Type
TOTE & Maps
Airspace Boundaries
Yes, Displayed in map display
Message Filter
Filter based on Altitude, Airspace boundaries, Speed, Type etc.
External Communication
Ethernet Packet
Antenna type
OMNI direction
Electrical Input Source
230 VAC
Connector Type
SMA Type
Ethernet Port Type
Gigabit Ethernet Port

Graphical User Interface

ADS-B receiver from Digilogic Systems
ADS-B Receiver