Antenna Measurement Suite

Digilogic’s Antenna Measurement & Analysis Suite is our powerful software tool that thoroughly characterizes any antenna such as conventional / monopulse / polarized to ensure that the antenna meets its specifications. Typical parameters of antenna are gain, radiation pattern, beamwidth, side Lobe Level, null depth, cross-over points and crosstalk.

Types of Antenna Tested

  • Conventional
  • Monopulse
  • Polarized

Interactive Graphical User Interface

Antenna Measurement suite GUI
Antenna Measurement Suite Output

Types of Analysis

Parameters Computed:

  • Gain
  • 3dB beam width
  • Side lobe levels
  • Null depth
  • Cross-over points
  • Cross-talk
  • Gain difference w.r.t. cross polar
  • Average side lobe level

Instruments controlled / used:

  • Performance network analyzer
  • Positioning system
  • Feed Antenna
  • Antenna under test
  • RF switch
Antenna Measurement Suite