Automated Portable Isolation Tester

Automated Portable Isolation Tester_Digilogic Systems
Automated Portable Isolation Tester_Digilogic Systems_

The latest technology is being utilized to design the Digilogic’s Automated Portable Isolation Tester that can adapt to the evolving requirements of general cable harness testing on connectorized subsystems (pin-pin & pin-body).

Using the DMM, the resistance between the pin and body is measured, while the analog multiplexer, controlled by sbRIO, enables seamless switching between channels via the control lines. A LAN interface is employed to establish communication between the system and sbRIO, while the DMM is controlled via USB. The software provided inside allows you for channel configuration, testing, and report generation for both channel configuration and test results. Automated Portable Isolation Testers are fast, accurate, and easy to use.

Technical Specifications:
Resistance Measuring Range
400Ω ~ 40MΩ 6 ranges
±1.0% rdg + 2 digits
Test Point Capacity
384, expandable in steps of 32
Test Voltage
3.3 V
Test Point Interface
64-pin circular connectors
Control Interface
Laptop with i5 Processor, 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD
Operating Temperature
Input Voltage
28 Volts DC
Battery Backup
Up to 2 hours (Rechargeable)

User Friendly GUI:

Automated Portable Isolation Tester_GUI_Digilogic systems
Automated Portable Isolation Tester_GUI_Digilogic systems
Automated Portable Isolation Tester