GNSS & GPS Simulator

GNSS & GPS simulator

An Unique, Integrated and Modular Multi-Constellation GNSS Signal Simulator.

  • Multi-Constellation simulated GPS, GALILEO, GLONASS, BEIDOU
  • Constellation hybridization
  • Satellite based augmentation system supported such as EGNOS
  • Multi-Frequency capability L1/L2/L5, G1, E1, B1
  • Up to 36 configurable channels per RF Front-end
  • Fully realistic customizable scenarios
  • Powered by constellate software
  • Self-contained portable unit with embedded easy to use GUI
  • Hosted on platforms

Key Features:

  • GNSS Simulation, Record & Playback.
  • Signal Processing, Performance Evaluation.
  • Digilogic’s GPS Simulator test solution is specifically designed to support satellite navigation for research, development and manufacturing, hence providing multi-constellation & multi-frequency GNSS Capabilities.
  • Digilogic’s GNSS Signal Simulator is ready for future evolutions given that is it based on a highly modulable hardware platform and scalable software functions.
  • A complete, efficient and accessible solution for your testing needs.
GNSS & GPS Simulator