Hardware In Loop Simulation

Digilogic Systems Hardware In Loop Simulation
Digilogic Systems_Hardware In Loop Simulation

For performance evaluation and functionality checks of integrated airborne RF systems, we recommend Digilogic Systems Hardware In Loop Simulation (HILS) based approach. Our HILS system can be used for conducting functional checks in laboratory & environmental tests as well as a Checkout system during flight trials.

Our Hardware In Loop Simulation is an open architecture system based on COTS products. It is aimed to realize a compact, lightweight, easily transportable testing & measurement system through computer interfaces with minimum manual intervention. Our HILS system generates real-time signals that are as realistic as field conditions including noise & interference. UUTs are tested/communicated with this system through various Avionics protocols like MIL-STD-1553B, Arinc429 or AFDX. It also provides an in-house test, training & validation capability.

HILS Features:

  • Range & Velocity Simulation
  • Clutter Signal Generation
  • Noise Jamming
  • Doppler Signal Generation
  • MIL-STD-1553B Communication
  • Serial Communication – RS232/422/485
Hardware In Loop Simulation