Radar Target Echo Simulator

Radar target Echo Simulator

Development of today’s sophisticated Radar Systems requires advanced Radar Echo simulation and measurement techniques to evaluate performance under different operating modes and to ensure the system’s specifications are met and fully characterized. To achieve this, more realistic testing with RF signals representing the field environment conditions are required. Hence, radar designers are looking for a more advanced, flexible, and real-time radar echo simulation system through which they can simulate radar echo characteristics to simulate the radar scenario replicating the required field conditions.
These field conditions will include multiple target models, RCS models, clutter models and ECM features such as jammers.
The DRFM-based approach uses an electronic method for digitally capturing and retransmitting RF signals. It downconverts RF signals to digital baseband, processes them on FPGA and retransmits the digital baseband signal by upconverting the signals to the required RF frequency. This system simulates Radar Targets / Echoes with parameters such as Range, Doppler, and RCS along with Radar Jamming Techniques.

Digilogic Systems-Radar Target Echo Simulator (RTES) is one of the most effective means for testing and evaluation of modern radars in a lab environment by simulating real-world scenarios using a user-friendly scenario generator. Digilogic’s Radar Echo Simulator has been utilized for evaluating the performance of various Radar Seekers, Surveillance & Tracking Radars.

Digilogic Systems has continued efforts to develop and improve RTES on its earlier designs and now we are offering two variants of Radar Echo Simulators.

Benchtop Radar Target Echo Simulator:

Digilogic’s standard Radar Target Echo Simulator is designed to test the performance of modern Radars with high bandwidths up to 1000MHz (instantaneous BW). It covers all the Radar Frequencies in the L, S, C, X and Ku bands. RTES is also capable of streaming the target parameters over the MIL-STD-1553B protocol. As the Radar Echo Simulator has been designed & developed on a scalable architecture, it enables us to expand a greater number of channels if required.

Portable Radar Target Echo Simulator:

Digilogic’s portable Radar Target Echo Simulator is a step forward in trying to minimize the dimensions that make this product field deployable. This is designed for low bandwidth applications and operates at L, S, C, X & Ku frequency bands.
It can be operated in two modes i.e., locally & remotely. Local operation is with a 2.4” display & keypad. Remote operation is with an RS232/LAN interface. Our Radar Echo Simulator is capable of streaming the target parameters through the MIL-STD-1553B protocol.

Features of Radar Target Echo Simulator:

  • Wide options of frequency bands
  • Hi-speed FPGA for real-time applications
  • Easy to use GUI
  • Windows operating system
  • Easily upgradable & scalable architecture
  • RADAR HIL simulation
  • Capable to handle all radar waveforms
  • Jamming & ECM features
  • Wide range of operation (upto Ka-Band)

User Friendly GUI:

Radar Target Echo Simulator