Radar Waveform Generator

Digilogic Systems is pre-eminent in designing test solutions for Radar Systems. Radar Waveform Generator is one such kind of product designed to accurately generate numerous types of waveforms for Radar Applications, NI VST Technology & Digilogic RF expertise together has made this product most generic to generate waveforms in various modes like Baseband, IF, IQ and RF with an instantaneous 1GHz Bandwidth.

Digilogic Radar Waveform Generator enables the users to generate all the Radar waveforms, with the single window application approach the software architecture is designed in such a way that operators need not baffle with multiple windows. Only a Single page defines all the waveform characteristics and Analog & Digital modulation schemes.


  • CW, Stepped CW
  • Pulse CW
  • LFM
  • NLFM
  • Barker Code
  • P Code
  • Costas Waveform
  • AM Step with step size
  • FM Step with step size
  • Multiple PRT with Modulation
  • User defined


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radar waveform generator
Radar Waveform Generator