Radome Measurement & Analysis Suite

Digilogic’s Radome Measurement & Analysis Suite is a powerful software tool that thoroughly characterizes any Radome to confirm if the Radome meets its specifications. Typical parameters of Radome measured are transmission loss, boresight error and sidelobe degradation.

Standard Features

  • Multiple Trace Plots

  • Various 2D & 3D Plots

  • Various Calibration Methods

  • Compatible to any Positioner Setup
  • Data Export Feature

  • Fully Configurable Report Generation

  • Data Set Manipulation

Measurement Parameters

  • Main Boresight Error

  • Cross Boresight Error

  • Insertion Loss

  • Sidelobe Degradation

  • Cable Calibration

  • D/S Calculation (Curve Fitting)

Graphical User Interfaces (GUI)

radome measurement
radome measurement chart
radome measurement graph
radome measurement graph
Radome Measurement & Analysis Suite