RF Up/Down Converter for VST

RF Up/Down Converter

Digilogic’s RF UP/Down Converter for VST has been designed with latest cutting edge technology which is compatible with National Instruments hardwares / products. To extend the frequency range of operation of Vector Signal Transceiver (VST), we can use this up/down converter with VST. It will up-convert the IF signal of VST either to X or Ku band and down-convert X or Ku band input signal to IF frequency level acceptable for Vector Signal Transceiver. 

We can also share 10 MHz clock between this up/down converter and VST. We have two bandwidth options available one with 200 MHz and another with 1 GHz. It also comes with a programmable attenuator on the output path providing upto 100 dB of attenuation in 0.5 dB steps.


  • EW Systems
  • Radar Systems
  • Simulators
  • Communication Systems


  • Wideband RF input, 8 to 12 GHz or 12 to 18 GHz
  • 1 GHz Instantaneous Bandwidth
  • One Channel of RF Upconversion
  • One Channel of RF Downconversion
  • Standard 2U 19-inch Rack Mount
Sl. No.DescriptionSpecifications
ADownconverter Specifications
1Input Frequency (RF IN)X - Band (8 - 12 GHz)/Ku band (12-18 GHz)
2Output Frequency (IF OUT)2.5 – 3.5GHz Range
3Frequency Tuning Step Size1 KHz
4Bandwidth1 GHz/200 MHz
5No. of Channels1
6Input Power-50 dBm to 0 dBm
7Max Input Power w/o Damage+30 dBm
8Input SFDR50dB
9Amplitude Flatness± 3 dB (Within 1GHz Bandwidth)
10SpuriousBetter than -60 dBc
11Residual LO Power< -60 dBm
12VSWRBetter than 1.5:1
13Noise Figure10 dB
14Impedance50 Ohm
15Gain factor0 dB
16ConnectivityRF IN & IF OUT: SMA (female)
BUpconverter Specifications
17Input Frequency (IF IN)2.5 – 3.5 GHz Range
18Output Frequency (RF OUT)X - Band (8 - 12 GHz)/Ku Band (12-18 GHz)
19Frequency Tuning Step Size1 KHz
20Bandwidth1 GHz/200 MHz
21No. of channels1
22Output Power Control Range100 dB (Attenuation)
23Resolution of Power Control0.5 dB steps
24Attenuation update rate2 MHz
25Input Power to Upconverter-50 to 0 dBm
26Amplitude Flatness± 3 dB (Within 1GHz Bandwidth)
27Gain factor0 dB
28Output Frequency Accuracy± 0.5 ppm
29Spurious in 1 GHz BWBetter than 50dBc
30Residual LO Power< -60 dBm
31VSWRBetter than 1.5:1
32Noise Figure15 dB
33Impedance50 Ohm
34ConnectivityIF IN & RF OUT: SMA (female)
CGeneral Specifications
35Type of WaveformsCW, RF Pulses, Modulated RF Pulses, CW + PRT Train
36Min Pulse Width50 ns
37Min PRT500 ns
38Max Signal Bandwidth1 GHz/200 MHz
39Pulse ON to OFF Isolation80 dB
40Total Loop Delay~ 1 us
41LOCommon for Up/Down Converters
42External Reference In Frequency10 MHz, 1.65VPP into 50 Ohms, Sine wave
43Image Rejection-75 dBc, Typical
44Phase Noise-99 dBc, Typical at 20 kHz offset (single sidebanded)
45Interface 1TTL Digital Control for tuning frequency & amplitude
46Interface 2BNC Connector to accept PRF input
47Power SupplyAC 230 V, 50 Hz
48Operating Temperature00 - 500 C
49Size2U, 19” Rack mountable, 400mm Depth
50WeightAppx 15 kgs
51Remote Control InterfaceUSB, LAN
RF Up/Down Converter For VST