Rugged PXIe Systems

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Rugged PXIe Systems


Digilogic Systems MIL Standard PXI(e) Chassis combines the benefits of PXI(e) platform with ruggedized design. With the DSPL MIL Standard PXI(e) Chassis, you are no longer tied to the lab with your PXI(e) applications. This all-metal industrial and military standard system provides a highly robust enclosure to protect sensitive measurement modules to withstand harsh environmental conditions and demanding applications.

The Digilogic’s MIL Standard PXI(e) Chassis offers a full range of features and options including an innovative forced-air cooling system controlled by built-in temperature sensors. This cooling configuration provides optimum cooling for the chassis regardless of the type or number of instruments used. Additional cooling is provided for the system power supply. The chassis has an integrated heater for allowing the system to run at Low Temperature conditions. The DSPL MIL Standard PXI(e) system can also be remotely controlled via Ethernet by any external device.

Our MIL Standard PXI(e) System is designed with maintainability in mind by reducing the mean time to repair & replace. The assembly is very modular with removable power supply, fan assembly and filter tray, which simplifies on-site diagnostics and replacement of any failed components.


  • Ultra-rugged PXI(e) platform for field applications
  • Built-in heaters for extreme low-temperature operation
  • Includes an embedded PXI(e) controller with standard peripheral interfaces
  • A wide range of PXI(e) modules available to tackle any test or data acquisition application
  • Optional ultra-rugged integrated touch-screen display
  • Optional Remote Operation of the system
  • Universal AC power input
  • MIL-STD-461E compliance (EMI/EMC)
  • Meets MIL-STD-810F requirement for harsh environmental conditions
Rugged PXIe Systems