Spectrum Monitoring

spectrum monitoring

Digilogic’s Spectrum Monitoring Analyzer is a PXIe based system for detection, analysis & demodulation of digital & analog RF/IF signals. The software designed is capable of powerful signal analysis & signal processing. This has been developed in LabVIEW environment & implemented on Virtex-5 FPGA. If connected with NI PXIe based monitoring receivers with internal digital down converters, up to six signals can be processed in parallel.

Spectrum And Waterfall Representation:

Panoramic Spectrum is used to display the entire 3GHz spectrum acquired in the spectrum scan mode. Real-time Waterfall/Spectrogram gives time – frequency domain representation.

Record and Replay:

Signals of interest can be recorded for offline analysis. Switching on the IF recording, will store the data on hard disk and it can be used played back. Alternatively, RAID can be used for data storage.

Channelizing and Demodulation:

Real-time bandwidth contains multiple signals simultaneously is passed through the channelizer where the down conversion takes place & channelizes the signals into six channels. The bandwidth and center frequency of each signal can be set independently. The maximum bandwidth for each of the channelized signal is 20MHz. The down converted signals are processed by the user for demodulation corresponding to the bandwidth & other parameters.


  • Real time digital IF data acquired by Spectrum Monitoring Receiver.
  • Real time analog IF data digitized via high-speed digitizer
  • High performance Virtex-5 FPGAs for processing
  • Spectrum and Waterfall representation
  • Signal recording & replaying on/from RAID
  • Processing of multiple signals (upto 6 signals in a total span of 50 MHz of bandwidth)
  • Manual demodulation of each signal (up to 20 MHz of bandwidth)


  • Monitoring of complete signal scenarios.
  • Powerful lassifier & extensive signal processing library with demodulators.
  • Configurable detection of fixed frequency & burst with processing of detected signal.
  • Modular capability of selecting from one channel through six channel signal processing solution.
  • Open interface for independent extension of signal processing capabilities of the user.
  • Signal recording & replaying on/from Solid Disk Drive
Spectrum Monitoring