TDAS Software Package

Digilogic’s Temperature Data Acquisition System (TDAS) software package supports all the temperature acquisition modules from National Instruments. Along with NI hardware, it is a perfect choice for:

  • Remote Data Logging
  • Cold Room Data Logging
  • Furnace Data Logging
  • Tank Monitoring
  • Cellular Base Station Temperature Monitoring
  • Oven and Furnace Profiling
  • Temperature Monitoring in Pharma Plants
  • Medicine Manufacturing Industries
  • Temperature Monitoring in Solar Power Plants
  • Thermal Power Plants
  • Cement Manufacturing Industries
  • Food Processing Units

TDAS has a user-friendly GUI designed in dark mode for reducing strain on eye and to allow screen to adjust to prevailing light condition. It measures, records, evaluates and conducts all types of thermocouples and RTDs with main menu such as Account Login, Channel Configuration, Acquisition and Offline Analysis. The in-detail sub-menu meets all the requirements of customer.

Graphical User Interfaces (GUI):

CW Measurement Test
TDAS software package
TDAS software
temperature acquisition and monitoring

Note: TDAS can be customized for other OEM temperature acquisition modules, developed on LabVIEW at extra cost. 

TDAS Software Package