Telemetry DAS

Telemetry Data Acquisition System

Digilogic’s Telemetry Data Acquisition system is designed based on National Instruments PXI Express Modular Platform added with FlexRIO baseband instrument consist of field-programmable gate array (FPGA) that can be programmed with the NI LabVIEW FPGA Module. RF signal from antenna can be directly connected to this Telemetry Data Acquisition System (TDAS). Basically, TDAS comprises of below functional blocks:


Offers fixed gain and configurable gain in a compact single-slot 3U PXI module. It has gain and noise figure characteristics that optimize dynamic range and sensitivity. It can also programmatically bypass its gain by switching to a direct path. This functionality enhances the testing and monitoring performance of the Baseband receiver channels by adding the previously unattainable capability to shift the dynamic range to easily monitor very weak and very strong signals.


The NI PXI-5600 is a modular, broadband downconverter in a compact, 3U PXI package. The PXI-5600 features a wide real-time bandwidth and a highly stable timebase, accurate to within ±50 ppb. It provides excellent integration with modular digitizers for RF analysis applications.

Baseband Transceiver:

This is an analog two-input, two-output NI FlexRIO adapter module. The two 100 MS/s, 14-bit, differential, DC-coupled inputs and two 100 MS/s, 16-bit, differential, DC-coupled outputs are optimized for interfacing with baseband to RF upconverters and downconverters. With 40 MHz bandwidth (-3 dB) on the antialias (input) and reconstruction (output) filters, equivalent RF bandwidths up to 80 MHz are possible. When this module is paired with an NI FlexRIO field-programmable gate array (FPGA) module, it becomes FPGA-enabled RIO baseband transceiver. On the NI FlexRIO FPGA module, you can implement custom RF modulation and demodulation, channel emulation, bit error rate testing, or spectral monitoring and jamming. In addition, with the appropriate 50 Ω termination on the negative (-) inputs and outputs, the module can be used as a single-ended device in ultrahigh-speed control applications.


No. of Input Channels: 1 (Expandable)
Input RF Frequency: 9kHz to 6.6GHz
Frequency Steps: 100KHz
Dynamic Range: -10 dBm to threshold
IF Frequency: 70 MHz
Automatic Frequency Correction (AFC) Range: + 50, 150, 250 KHz (To be executed in FPGA)
BER: NRZ, Biφ & DM codes


AM: Upto 10 KHz
FM and PCM: Upto 10Mbps (NRZ), Frequency Steps 100KHz
PM and PCM: Upto 10Mbps (NRZ), IF Frequency 70MHz