Hardware Services

Utilizing proven design and many years of experience within the manufacturing industry, we are able to produce systems that fullfil your business requirements. Quality and reliability are paramount to ensuring the solutions maximise your production schedule.

With a purpose built factory equipped with all the necessary system-buildmachinery, our test equipment is built with the techniques and materials to ensure not only does the equipment meet specification, but also maximises longevity.

Automated Test Hardware equipment

DSPL are able to build and deliver a multitude of hardware solutions from within our factory. From smaller test equipment to full 19” racks and beyond, DSPL are able to cater for systems across a wide range of applications.

Custom off-the-shelf hardware is typically used to ensure signal connectivity with National Instruments products to enable integration with the hardware. With systems produced for a number of organisations, DSPL take pride in the knowledge that our solutions will not only fullfil your expectations but exceed them.

harness cables


DSPL Manufacturing can design and produce harnesses using custom or industry standard specifications. Using advanced software, harnesses can be designed for correct shielding minimising signal attenuation, crucial in low tolerance systems for example.

The design and manufacture of these harnesses ensures cables are flexible throughout their lengths. This reduces the risk associated with long cables avoiding breakages. Using these techniques allows us to provide cables and harnesses that last much longer prolonging the life of your investment.

Interface Test Adaptor

DSPL have the ability to manufacture custom break out boxes allowing the customer the ability to diagnose system faults without the need for an extensive self-test procedure.

Providing interfaces to your test equipment can save both time and cost which in turn minimises production downtime. Along with these savings comes the opportunity to gain access to the equipment without having to remove and exterior panels. This is useful for product modification/alteration.

With each system being unique, we can design an interface to cater for your individual requirement.

hardware services

Documentation Packs

Throughout the course of a project, we generate documents to help us produce the solutions you need. From the specification review through to factory acceptance, these documents can be delivered with the system in a documentation pack.

Hardware user manuals, bill of materials and general assembly drawings are some of the documents we deliver. These documents and any additional information you require can be provided upon hardware acceptance so you receive a greater appreciation of your product.