Actuator Test System

Actuator Test System_Digilogic Systems
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Hardware Description:

The Actuator Test System is configured with PXI chassis. PXI slots of the chassis are filled with an Embedded Control, a Multifunctional DAQ card for AI, AO and DIO to configure according to the specifications. A Dynamic Signal Analyzer with 24 Bit ADC, 204.8 kS/s Sampling Rate, 2 In/2 Out channels, and 118 dB Dynamic Range is used to perform FRA.

In addition to the above-mentioned PXI modules, a General-Purpose Relay Switch, and a Triple-Output DC Power Supply, are also available in the setup. It also has non-programmable power supplies according to the ratings specified. The configured module is provided with suitable cables and terminal or Connector blocks for interfacing with the external signals. All these modules are housed in 19” STD Racks of 36U and 20U according to the testing procedure and customer requirements.

The Following Tests are Conducted to Measure the Performance of the Actuators:


Static Test:

  • Cyclic test
  • Null test
  • Threshold test
  • Wiper movement test
  • Scale factor test
  • Threshold test
  • Linearity test
  • Coil current Vs Force characteristics with the actuator in the blocked condition.
  • Friction pad setting (Pressure transducer method) test for wing linkage system.

Dynamic Performance Tests:

  • Step Response Test
  • Rate/Velocity Test
  • Frequency Response Test

System Description:

The Actuator Test System is an Automated Testing of Servo Controls & Actuators. Here, we test the systems using Frequency Response Analyzers, Universal Waveform Generators, Data Acquisition System (PXI), Servo Control Unit (SCU), and Load cell test setup.

This Actuator Test System is used to measure the performance of the actuator by using different signals (Sine, Step and triangle wave form) generated by Universal Waveform Generator. The Application Software is developed on LabVIEW platform which deals with Configuring and controlling the hardware such as Frequency Response Analyzer, Universal Waveform Generator, Data recorders, Servo Control Unit etc. The Application Software is developed to generate different types of signals from Universal Waveform Generator to Actuator through SCU and feedback signal from actuator is acquired through SCU. Acquired data is stored, processed and analyzed. The Software will deal with GPIB communication protocols for communicating with various equipments.

Actuator Test System