Avionic Test Systems

Avionic Test Systems

Avionics in modern aircraft have greatly increased in complexity in the most recent generation of aircraft.  The cockpit is now full of electronic systems designed to make the pilot’s life easier and to minimize the opportunity for human error. As these electronic systems increase in capabilities the need for them to work together as one cohesive system has also increased.  This evolution has made testing the individual components making up an avionics system increasingly complex.  It is often necessary to simulate many subsystems in order to test a single component.



DSPL has successfully produced systems that allow engineers to test available components and simulate those components that are not available.  If the relationship between the components is well understood software can be developed to simulate vehicle bus traffic (ARINC, CAN, etc.) and math models can be developed to simulate physical systems.  These can be tied together through I/O to test avionics under real world conditions.



The design engineers of DSPL are trying to simulate and developing modular test software as part of a cohesive test plan these kinds of systems are now possible.  By combining custom software, math models, custom electronics and physical test systems DSPL can help you set a new standard of excellence in your Avionics test system.