Checkout Systems

checkout system

In recent years, DSPL has taken up the front seat amongst system integrators around the world in realizing valuable Checkout Systems for Defense & Aerospace. Through its proven methodologies and trusted technologies like NI PXI, DSPL helps its clients architecting, designing, developing, implementing and maintaining of Checkout Systems that increase in productivity, Efficiency, Consistency and Environment simulation.

Available I/Os on PXI platform:

ADCs, DAC, DIPs, DOPs, Relays, Multiplexers, Avionics Interfaces like MIL-STD-1553, Arinc429, AFDX, Serial Interfaces RS232,422,485, Instruments like DMM, Oscilloscope, AWG/FG, RF Signal Generators, RF Signal Analyzers.

Types of Tests Conducted:

Cold Checks:

  • Continuity or Isolation Resistance
  • Insulation Resistance – Pin to Pin & Pin to Body

Functional Checks:

  • Polarity
  • Power-Up
  • Manual Mode
  • Automated Mode

Functional Tests:

Application Software is designed and implemented in a very user-friendly manner. All the physical toggle switches get replaced with programmable SPST switch modules for issuing the commands and chart recorders get replaced with signal conditioned analog input modules. Test Software gets designed to conduct all the tests in both manual mode and automated mode.

Checkout Systems